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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Chai tea

I like the way she set it up, so I'm just going to link here to Jane's chai recipe, rather than steal outright as I usually do. I haven't tried making the mix yet, but I have accumulated all of the ingredients but the bulk (green) tea and the star anise, and I'm picking those up during my wanderings tomorrow.

Caveat: I have my doubts about Stevia. I've heard that the manufacturers haven't submitted safety data to FDA for classification as a sweetener, so I'm sticking with sugar for now.

like the "at home" & "at work" variations. cool.
I've made this twice now, once with green tea and, just today, with some loose black tea I had lying around that's probably, oh, 15 years old! Aged to perfection, let's say :-b ; clearly I wasn't going to drink it in its original, boring form...
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