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Friday, December 15, 2006


Latke recipe - to come

This is what happens when you get too dependent on other people's recipes.

I found a recipe from the Forward for Indian sweet potato curry pancakes, thought I'd just tweak the spices a bit, drop the sugar, and then I noticed it had milk in it. Mmm, no. In my book, it's no longer a latke at that point.

So I found another recipe for Sephardic pumpkin pancakes from the Salt Lake Tribune and started to modify that for sweet potatoes, since I have been leaning a little too heavily on pumpkin stuff so far. But since I'm starting with raw, shredded sweet potatoes instead of boiled pumpkin, I've decided I really need to actually cook the darn things before I ask my readers to do the experiment for me.

I will try and do that sometime this weekend, with my sincere apologies for not having something in time for the beginning of Hanukkah. Do, though, check out Bureka Boy's gorgeous and encyclopedic post on latkes.

Hag sameach!

why thanks, em! חג שמח

looking forward to seeing your results. i'm sure they'll be amazingly good.

and you said it, milk in latkes!? seems wrong, huh? :P
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