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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Sesame-semolina bread

I combined the famous No-Knead Bread with the idea of the sesame-semolina bread I used to get at the former Wellspring Grocery in Chapel Hill, NC. And you know what? It's the best no-knead bread I've made yet.

It's very simple. I just used one cup of semolina flour with two cups of unbleached bread flour, and added 1 1/2 cups of water. Then I substituted sesame seeds for the flour or bran on the towel: lots of seeds on the bottom of the dishtowel, and then a generous sprinkling on top of the dough. I have taken to wrapping the whole dough loosely in a dish towel and putting it on a dinner plate; with 1 1/2 cups of water, the dough isn't too wet and sticky, and comes off the towel readily - I think the sesame seeds actually helped with this.

The bread is moist, holey, light, tasty (though a little bit salty through my own error), and a lovely ever-so-pale-yellow color with a tender, slightly crisp crust. The sesame seeds adhered well.

hey em, looks beautiful. i still haven't made this "blog burner" yet. part of me feels i'd be jumping the trend train which i can't stand. as i've said to other people, i think this is such a runaway success bec it lets people bake an otherwise intimdating item (for the non experienced) with exceptional results. i don't mind the kneading and waiting. for me, it's about process [ie feel] which this bread sort of skips, IMO.

i just made something a few weeks back using semolina flour and sesame seeds! love the yellow colour the semolina flour gives the bread.

what did you bake yours in?
BB - I like this bread because I have had a hard time getting traditional bread to come out right - it never rises enough, or has the right texture, etc. (Challah is pretty forgiving, but sometimes you want something else...)

You, though, seem to have a knack for all things bread, and if you enjoy the process and have success with it, more power to you. Still, you can always just make it and not tell anyone! ;-)

I baked this in a large enameled cast-iron Dutch oven...
part of it is practice and part of it is patience. lots of people don't have the patience to wait or couldn't be bothered. it can also leave you with horrible results when things flop. my best friend would never make anything like this cause getting dough stuck on your fingers is gross and a big no-no! LOL.

don't despair, you'll get the knack of it with practice. i'll give you a FANTASTIC country style bread recipe to try that will make you feel like a pro!! :)

.....runs off to the closet to make "the bread" in secret, in the dark. LOL ssshhh don't tell anyone! :O
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